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Jocelyn Encinas

Teachers - Grade 9

403-544-3535 ext. 2907
At Ralston School I am privileged to teach your students Grade 7-9 Math, Science, and Career and Technology Foundations (CTF) Foods, Sewing, and Robotics Classes. I also teach some of the elementary students including Grade 1 Art, Grade 3 and 5 Health, and Grade 3 Computers classes. I like to use a variety of methods to teach the curriculum, and differentiate materials based on student need. I focus on labs, activities, and projects that use the scientific method, as well as multiple approaches to math including using manipulatives and projects that bring math into the real world. I was born in Medicine Hat, AB and graduated from Medicine Hat High School. I then pursued degrees at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. I have a Bachelor of Science degree specializing in Molecular and Cellular Biology, in addition to a Bachelor in Secondary Education with a Major in Science and Minor in Math. I have been teaching since 2005, and because my husband was in the Canadian military for 21 years, it has been in a couple of different locations in Alberta and Saskatchewan, teaching various levels of Science and Math from grades 7 to 12. When I am not teaching I have a wide range of interests. I often refer to myself as being “infinitely curious”. I enjoy distance running, Taekwondo, playing the piano and singing, history, literature, and film. I also work part time with the Army Reserve. I joined the South Alberta Light Horse in 2000, and have been parading regularly with them either in Medicine Hat or Edmonton for the last 18 years. My current position is as 1 Troop leader; not the typical job for an Armoured Sergeant.