Sunscreen and Mosquito Repellent |

Sunscreen and Mosquito Repellent


Following a discussion at our parent council last night we would like to clarify the procedures at Ralston School with respect to sunscreen and Mosquito repellent :


Our aim at Ralston School is to ensure that children and staff are taking all precautions in order practice sun safety in line with policies and best practice.

At school we will:

  • Teach sun safety during some health lessons in all classrooms
  • We often use the motto slip, slap slop when talking about sun safety with our children:

Slip on a T shirt,

Slap on a hat and

Slop on some sunscreen.

  • Talk about methods children can use to be safe in the sun ( hat, appropriate clothing stay in the shade )
  • Encourage your children to dress appropriately.
  • Safely store both sunscreen and repellent when clearly labelled with your child’s name – we cannot accept any lotions that are not clearly labelled.
  • Monitor and encourage independence with regard to the application of additional sunscreen and repellent (after the lunch time). Please note that any aerosol sprays or pump sprays must be applied outside of the building in order to safeguard other children and adults with breathing difficulties such as asthma. Your child will not be permitted to apply lotion or spray to another child. Each student must have their own. Staff members are not permitted to rub lotions into your child’s skin. We help children to learn to be independent in this aspect. Grade 3 and higher grades are expected to already be independent in this aspect.

As parents we ask that you:

  • Apply lotion and repellent prior to arriving at school as this should enable the children to be protected until the lunchtime.
  • Please ensure that your child is dressed suitably for the weather.  Such clothing should include a wide brimmed hat, a loose fitting t-shirt to cover the skin, loose fitting trousers and shoes appropriate for running around in the playground (flip flops often cause accidents that can be avoided with proper footwear). All children in kindergarten will not be permitted to use the outdoor classroom without a hat.
  • Supply and clearly label any sunscreen and repellent with your child’s name if you require them to use it at school.
  • Teach your child how to apply sunscreen and repellent in a safe manner so that they are independent.



We ask for your help to ensure that your children are safe in the good weather.


For further information about sun safety and mosquito safety here are some useful websites.

If you have further questions then please do not hesitate to come into school and talk with your child’s class teacher.