School Messenger Instructions |

School Messenger Instructions

Choosing Contact Preferences using School Messenger :-

Want the Option to have us Text you?

If you want the option to receive text messages you MUST opt-in :- To opt -in, text Y to 724665. If the number you are texting from is in the system you will get a notice letting you know your opt-in is complete.

Are you receiving too many messages?
Last year Prairie Rose School Division launched School Messenger, a communication tool that allows the division to phone, text and email parents. Since the Launch, there have been questions as to how parents can manage the number of devices being contacted when a message is sent. Parents can actually manage the settings themselves by using the School Messenger App to turn off notifications ON and OFF.

Step 1: Download the School Messenger App (see image below, blue icon)

Step 2. Using your individual email address, set up your account. You will be asked to confirm your account through your email address. 
Note: Each guardian requires their own email address to activate the app. If only one guardian has an email on file, any individual guardians will need to provide the school with an email address prior to activating the app.

Step 3: Click on the 3 lines at the top left of the screen. This will bring you to the main menu. Choose preferences from the list.

Step 4: For each category choose how you would like to be notified.
Emergency - used solely for emergency purposes.

Bus Cancellation/School Closure - Bus notifications and school closure announcements.

Attendance - Calls regarding your child's attendance (note; not all school use this feature)

General - Day to day information from the school. You must have the email activated to receive the school newsletter.

General CASL : Day to day information from the school regarding financial items (ie. hot lunch, yearbooks, school fees and school council fundraising etc)

Step 5: Even if you turn off most types of notifications (phone, text, email) you can still receive those messages through push notifications. The app will allow you to view these messages without calling, texting or emailing you. To turn push notifications :
Click on Settings.
Choose Push Notifications
Ensure all boxes (Emergency, Attendance, General, General CASL, Bus Cancellations) are green

Step 6: The app will inform you when a message has been sent from the school or division.

Please note: Parents of new students will not be able to modify their settings until their information is entered into the Prairie Rose School Division system. Unless they start mid year, this won't occur until September.